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   The main activities which considered to be performed by the Tarh farayad Andishan Consulting Engineers (TFA Co.) for the said project based on Client's requirements, from bid stage up to Contract sign can be summarized as follows:


      Full text of TFA Co. Project Execution Plan:
      Format: PDF
      Size: 737 KB 


      Perusing Client existing technical documents and preparation project technical documents based on Client requirements
 Taking into consideration changing capacity of the Plant in view points of procurement, construction, buildings, civil
         works, cost effect, etc

      Preparation and gathering geographical and climatic information to used in to used in tender documents
      Specifying basic and required potentiality based on existing information in the Plant
      Preparation tender documents including Instruction to Bidders (ITB), technical appendixes, Contract draft , etc based on
        Client requirements
      Identifying capable and reputable international Contractors
      Establishing bid thru identified Contractors
      Technical and commercial evaluation of received proposals
      Clarification negotiations and/or meetings with bidders
      Selection of first, second and third bidders based on technical and commercial evaluations and negotiations
      Final technical and commercial negotiations with selected bidder
      Finalizing technical and commercial points of the work with selected bidder
      Contract signing


HSE Management Plan:


Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement TFA CO. is committed to the achievement of a Safe, Healthy, Injury free and environmentally sound business. The Project Management Team of TFA recognizes that, to ensure well being of general public, employees, contractors and environmental sustainability.


      Full text of TFA Co. HSE Management Plan:
      Format: PDF
      Size: 300 KB 


Doing all those are reasonably practicable to identify potential Health, Safety and Environmental risks, eliminate them where possible and/or implement effective risk control measures. The objectives which TFA CO. considers of greatest importance are:

      Consideration of health and safety at work and respect for the environment as important as the economic performance
        of PROJECT.
      Prevention of exposure to risk in all areas of its endeavors
      Adoption of an attitude of openness and constructive dialogue with public Authorities and local communities to protect
        the environment and to safeguard the health, safety and quality of life of those living or working in the vicinity of our
        operating facilities.

      Minimization of any adverse effects of its operations on the environment.
        To meet these objectives of a safe, healthy, injury free and environmentally sound
        business, we are committed to the:

           Establishment of HSE management systems and programs and endorsement of
             them at all levels.
           Education and understanding of HSE systems, plans and practices for all Project
             personnel and other people involved in activities where there is a chance of
             personal injury illness or environmental harm.
           Enforcement of all HSE policies, procedures, plans and preventive measures.
           Education of HSE management systems, plans and programs to ensure ongoing
             continuous improvement in providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and
             environmentally responsible workplace.

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