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As an EPC contractor, TFA CO offers a comprehensive range of engineering, procurement, construction, and construction management capabilities. We pride ourselves with having experienced engineers in a variety of disciplines capable of project development and engineering Management services that range from conceptual engineering through  field installation.  

     TFA Co. Company has established as an EPC
     company on Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and other
     industrial and construction projects.

Since its creation, we have developed and carried out extensive range of operations and services supporting the onshore, offshore and land development projects.

The companyís personnelís experiences and range of services cover every aspect of a project from feasibility studies carried out through conceptual, basic and detailed design to construction, hook-up and final commissioning. TFA Company has defined its policy based on preservation and implementation of an effective System, which is, to be qualitative and economic to provide quality service and engineering deliverables to its clients at the national & international levels with customer satisfaction, after having considered employees safety. In order to achieve the above-mentioned policy to obtain assurance of quality of service:

    We must understand precisely what our customersí need are,
    We must set clear and achievable objectives and to provide meaningful feedback on performance,
    We must continually improve the quality of everything we do for our customers,

To direct the activity of all personnel toward quality improvement as each staff have a valued contribution to make to as individuals but in addition believe that this contribution can be most effective with in team working environment.

The countryís vast available resource (especially the Oil & Gas fields that being shared with the neighboring countries) has necessitated the industry to expand by inviting worlds major Oil & Gas companies to invest in Iran on Buy back terms.

TFA Company meets the project specifications and Clientís procedures and executes the project as per the international Standards and contractual requirements from the commencement of the project until the final handing over.
In the Industrial/ Manufacturing Sector, we endeavored to give consultancy services to various clients with the objective to meet product Quality requirements and to ensure sales of industrial products abroad (outside Iran) as the Iranian products manufactured internally have filled the internal market.

Quality Policy:

Our quality policy is to construct on enterprise reliable to our Client to succeed in a desperate quality and technology in competitive market.

To meet this policy, we have established our Engineering system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

The followings are our quality objectives to maintain and enhance quality system:

Early resettlement of our quality system thru standardization of activities
Enhancement of best performance and services quality thru continuous improvement of quality system

The Managing Director, has the ultimate responsibility for quality of our services provided to Clients and related problems to our quality system.
The company QA/QC Manager, as a management representative, shall be responsible for establishing, implementing, and maintaining the quality system and reporting the performance result to me.
All employ shall endeavor to understand, implement, maintain, and improve the quality system including this quality policy thru training and active participation.

TFA's Organization Chart:

Managing Director: R.Daqiq


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